about agora

Art, vintage pieces, and other concepts that make my heart beat like a jungle-drum.


Agora is an online art journal which aims at building a diverse female art community.

Every item in Agora is designed, handcrafted or found all over the world. Agora specializes in jewelry, home - decor objects, paintings, lamps, Greek sandals and other made-with-love, exclusively by women, goodies. Each art piece ships directly from its creator's studio to you. Isn’t that sweet?

Also, vintage pre-loved clothing is another discipline of the project, as a traveling concept among women from diverse cultural backgrounds. I love vintage clothing, not only because recycling is fun and great for the environment, but also because each piece narrates a story, its journey long way from home. 

Then, Agora's journal is the 'artist talk' and it's a monthly five questions - five answers interview at a creative lady who has triggered my curiosity; because of her style, her unique artistic perspective, and her inner beauty.

Agora is comprised of creative and mindful artists who encourage and support each other as sharing the same values; innovation, culture, hard work, aesthetics, elegance, femininity, and collaboration. We strive to uphold the ideology of strong community spirit, which is a core value of our team. 

Agora (αγορά) in Greek means “market” - a place where all generations not only trade their goods but also narrate their stories from their long journeys. Our logo is the olive tree, which is loved and respected in Greece for its oil. Olive oil feeds, protects, invigorates, cures and inspires.      

As we women do.


ps: Thank you for exploring the sea with me. 

Eva Boleti