Alexandria Coe

June 2017

Artist: Alexa Coe




1. Please name a woman in your family that has influenced you, and tell us why.

My mother. I have a small family and have a huge tie to her, not to mention a lot of genetics. We have been through a lot of ups and downs whilst growing upShe definitely taught me what true unconditional love is, which is brave and very powerful.


2. Which is the thing you cannot say no to, even if it's not good for you?

An Aperol spritz- I can refuse many things but ever since trying this delish summery aperitif in Rome, it takes me straight back to that feeling of easy living and summer evenings.


3. Do you ever wake up late at night to create something?

I actually don’t, this feels like something I did when I was at Uni for sure. Constant mind chatter and ideas…. But now its comes throughout the day and I woke better in the morning when my mind is nice and fresh.


4.Do break-ups work as an artistic inspiration?

I am not aware that I have been. Although my work is deeply personal, it also feels rather ambitious. It rarely corresponds to an actual event of a person for rather an internal mood or dialogue. There sometimes is a couple involved in my work but they feel more like universal ideas of man and woman, or Adam and Eve.


5. Your Instagram stories include often curvy women walking down the street. In which way does the diversity of shapes in woman body trigger your creativity?

Women inspire in that face they are so varied - everyone is beautiful. Shapes definitely inspire me and form so I do like to look at curvy women for inspiration. I can easily see a pen translating into the paper with big sweeping lines.