Where does all this Love and Art come from ?

Eva Abeling is an analog photographer based in Barcelona. She grew up in the North of Germany, Bremen, and before moving to Barcelona she lived in London. Her photography and poetry have been exhibited in London and Barcelona in Solo Exhibitions and Group Exhibitions. Her work focuses on the notions of dreams and the subconscious to explore melancholy and sensitivity. Waves, dance movements and a mix of blueberries and raspberries inspire her calm and soft photographs.

Julieta Álvarez is a ceramic brand specialized in jewelry and decor based in Madrid, Spain. All our products are handmade, meaning that no piece is equal to another. During the manufacturing process, we take the best care of every small detail. The brand started in 2013, when, on the occasion of an art exhibition for the gallery Mad is Mad, we handcrafted a set of mobiles with hanging objects made of ceramic. During this show, we realized it could be a brilliant idea to use such objects as pendants of a necklace. Since its beginning, the brand has been related to the world of fashion, as its founder, Julieta already belonged to it, thanks to her previous works. Julieta Álvarez has been featured twice in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid accompanying first Pol’s Fall/Winter 13/14 collection and later Ángel Schlesser Spring/Summer 14. After exhibiting at Who’s Next fashion show in Paris, the brand started opening its market abroad and enjoying international presence. You can currently find Julieta Álvarez jewelry and decor pieces in several countries all over the world, as EEUU, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia, and Korea. 

Catarina Bicker is 32 year, married and a mother of two. She has graduated in Glass and Ceramic Design in ESAD, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal worked in Graphic Desing for a while but since 2010 she opened her studio, MUFLA – Atelier de Cerâmica where she works, gives workshops and sells her creations

Eva Boleti is a Greek- Australian. Her cultural and educational background is diverse focusing mostly on foreign languages, sports, and arts. Eva plays a lot with photography, finds an irreplaceable charm in old objects, and gets inspired by nature, the sea, blue color. She has exhibited her own art twice, in Booze Cooperativa in Athens, on painting and photography. She deeply believes that women are muses of art, and honors them through Agora.

Naida C· Castel Jewels were created in Barcelona and give life to unique handmade pieces. The contrast between precious metals and the raw nature of stones and minerals conform to the core of each jewel, connecting travels, countries, cultures, and people. With each collection, NC·C Jewels captures the emotions and experiences lived in some place in the world, building its own unique character. The result is urban jewels, with crude shapes and a raw yet emotional and delicate touch. The latest collection was designed in Myanmar, antique Burma - a special country with both inspiring shapes and equally inspiring scenery. The memories of each travel are gathered as treasures, and what better way to keep and hold them as such, than turning them into real and tangible memoirs.

Yuki Chow is a visual artist and lifestyle PR consultant based in Hong Kong. She works mainly with charcoal and ink on paper and canvas. Much of her inspiration comes from her fascination with an appreciation of the female form. Yuki’s figurative art pieces, constructed primarily with simple and clean lines, are an expression of her daily experiences as a woman, with a minimalist perspective. She also has strong interests in abstract paintings and blind contour drawings, which brings to life her artistic interpretation of the mundane realities of life and people she encounters daily

Marta Claret lives by the sea in a small fishermen village not far from Barcelona, Spain. She holds a law degree bachelor and worked many years as a lawyer. Some years later, she decides to study the English language and to follow art studies in London. She studies fine arts in Byam Shaw, an art school absorbed by Central Saint Martins. At that time, she did not practice ceramics, but she explored that area later by herself. Marta does not consider herself a ceramist but an artist who cherishes working with clay. Her work includes storytelling concepts, explorations of female personality, it often depicts natural elements and narrates past memories. Marta's creations are naturally inspired by the heroes of books she loves to read. Her pieces are mostly made with hand-building techniques and brushwork; techniques which allow her to create small ceramic pieces that become some kind of three-dimensional drawings.

Alexandria Coe is an artist based in London. Drawing from her background in Textile design and illustration, she now focuses on her drawing practice as a root to connection back towards an authentic relationship with the body. Taking inspiration from other artists, and inspiring women from now and the past to fuel her library of images sources. As a creative, practicing illustrator and yoga teacher she seeks to find the body in a neutral place away from modern representation and expectation. Alexandria works purely by hand, wither with acrylic or (MOSTLY) getting very messy with Charcoal. As intimate as the process is, the subject is deeply personal and universal. Her women are about exploration, intimacy and ultimately liberation through the female body.

Each Dáša piece is lovingly hand sculpted and created in Melbourne by Hana Vasak. Drawing inspiration from sculpture, natural forms, and the human body Hana create one-off pieces. Borrowing from nature Hana’s pieces embrace all the beautiful imperfections, textures, organic shapes, and forms. ‘I am drawn to the versatility and new discoveries working with clay brings, ceramics is a new endeavor for me, with every piece I learn something new. Visiting Japan a few years ago and discovering Japanese pottery was the final push I needed to create the brewing idea of Dáša and pressure my great interest and love of ceramics. I see each Dáša piece as a unique art, a small functional sculpture for your home.’

Caroline Denervaud was born in Lausanne in 1978. She currently lives and works in Paris. After studying dance, fine arts, and fashion she explored an intrinsic way of creating, through movement and painting. You can find her on her website:  www.carolinedenervaud.format.com or her Instagram: ideih.

Mai Der
works between Basque Country and Brazil, collaborating with several urban brands. She studied fine arts, music, and theater. Her multidisciplinary and personal work is in very close contact with social current issues. Her generation, the huge Latin American metrópolis and the sea are her main sources of inspiration. Her work is based on the experimentation around the set design and poses influencing in the diverse childhood ways through photography and drawing.

Tatjana Farkas lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. After getting her law degree, she was traveling around Europe and spent some time in Munich and London. She worked 10 years in media as an editor, stylist, and journalist at several Hungarian design magazines. Some years ago she decided to follow her inner urge to create something with her hands. It was during a home renovation that she has accidentally found her medium. The experience of how one piece of wire can be transformed into a lively sculpture/wire drawing fascinated her, she quickly realized wire is her „pencil”.  She works purely by hand, she likes the touch of the raw material, the feeling of its toughness. She is very much inspired by women around her. Strong and sensitive females, who have a difficult and often burdensome past. She tries to express the beauty of their struggle, the hidden sorrow, and the complexity of their soul with a minimalist approach. She is very much interested in people’s past, where they are coming from, what kind of relationships have formed their presence, what kind of personal trauma cannot be forgiven, forgotten. There’s always a slightly nostalgic atmosphere in her figure’s gesture, the life after „The”.

Forma : Carla studied industrial design at Lusiada University in Portugal in 2005. Nowadays she works as a freelance graphic designer and in parallel time she runs a plant and herb shop in Lisbon. She has always been triggered by 'diy' and older generations' techniques on handcrafting. Recently she decided to combine her creations with her eco-consciousness, and she founded Form-a Project. Form-a is an up-cycling project which uses several non-recyclable materials, as to give a new morph to objects. 

Out of a passion for ceramics, NF was gradually established over the past five years. This experimental ceramic production operates between the Czech Republic and The
Netherlands, and focuses on realizing unique tableware in limited edition - self-initiated or commissioned. NF uses this form of productive activity as a meditation and continuous discovery of every other day practice. Formulas and techniques draw from experiences gained during traveling and participating in artistic residencies and programs around the world such as The Pottery Worksop in Jingdezhen/China, EKWC European Ceramic Work Centre/ Netherlands. Founder Nina Fránková received BFA - Ceramics, Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and in 2014 she gained MFA at Fine Arts, Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam). Her work has exhibited internationally at the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (Republic of Korea), Wcc Bf (Belgium), KunstRai (Netherlands), Object Rotterdam (Netherlands), Trumpeten co Mellanrum (Sweden), Tegenboschvanvreden (Netherlands), Marfa Public Radio (Texas), Žinkovy Art Festival (Czech) among others. She has received the Mondriaan Fonds Werkbijdrage Jong Talent for 2016-2017 (Netherlands).   

Marion Graux: I was born in 1981. Since then, my hands are always creating. Plastic arts studies, detours in fashion, design, and press; pleasures that have been always fulfilling me. In 2010, I was taught the art of ceramics close to a pottery master. I became in a way complete. The turn, the enamels, the shapes, the line, the materials, the brilliance .. In 2012, I sold my first plates signed by "mariongrauxpoterie". As a child, I used to hear my mother saying: "Tonight we will have a great dinner!" " That meant that we would have a big party ... First, the preparations in the kitchen. Then we had chosen the plates. "The dark reds Japanese ones? The faience of your grandfather? No, the yellows one from the flea market! " In the cupboard, the piles of tablecloths made us hesitate. Flowers, silverware and crystal glasses. Then excitingly we were waiting for our guests.

Sara Guerreiro was born in Aveiro, in 1974, studied architecture and worked as an architect for almost 10 years. Parallel, she took part in several art exhibitions, such as Break21 Festival (Ljubljana, 2000) and Europe and Mediterranean Young Artists Biennial (Rome, 1999). 2001 was the year when she started practicing the art of ceramics, first at Ar.Co and later at António Arroio School's "Ceramics Workshops". In 2005 she decided to focus in full on ceramics, and her work starts to be showcased in several exhibitions, such as Aveiro International Biennial of Artistic Ceramics Aveiro and the "The Roll is King" showcase, held at the Caldas da Rainha Ceramics Museum (2008). Sara currently exhibits and sells her artworks, together with other Portuguese ceramics artists, at her studio/gallery "Amasso" located at the heart of sunny Alfama in Lisbon.

LUINY is a jewelry line created by self-taught designer Luiny Rivera, a Puerto Rican native now based in New York. The brand invokes an organic design process that is inspired by a variety of forms, ornaments, and textures that are connected to her travels and lifestyle. She creates contemporary metal jewelry pieces that are both sculptural and wearable. From her casa/studio, Luiny designs elevated conversation pieces that are timeless and boldly minimalist for those who appreciate everyday statement jewelry.


Monika Kalinowska is a Polish-born textile artist living between Berlin and Melbourne. Born in 1987, past 10 years of her life she lived away from home. She's addicted to making Fibre art and collecting indoor plants. Her work ranges from weaving and macrame to botanical dyeing. All pieces made by Monika are from ethically sourced materials of known origins. Each piece is one of a kind and due to the nature of weaving it can never be reproduced in an exact way. Monika's work will soon be shown at RAW events in Australia and perhaps around the globe.

Sophie Mayanne is a 24-year-old fashion and portrait photographer, splitting her time between the Cotswolds and London, UK.  Her style is unmistakable, favoring raw, striking imagery that is hers and hers alone.  Her work has been recognized by both the fashion and music industries and has been particularly favored by up and coming artists & publications who admire the honesty and genuineness in her images. Sophie is currently working on a personal series titled "Behind The Scars" which celebrates scars of all shapes and sizes, and the stories behind them.

Christina Muenzner is a visual artist and translator from Germany and now based in Brussels, Belgium. Her paintings and drawings range from complex and intuitive abstractions to evocative figurative works with abstract elements. Christina mainly uses acrylics, watercolor, ink, and charcoal. She works on canvas and paper and apart from traditional painting tools, she also uses her fingers, hands, and arms to spread the paint, scrape it off or mix it directly on the surface. She is also interested in interior design and the beauty and influence of everyday objects in living spaces. Her interior pieces infuse your home with art that you will enjoy and use on a daily basis.

West Native is a contemporary jewelry line designed and handmade by Sheva Lee Absher. After 10 years of designing collections for other brands and retailers, Absher officially launched West Native in February 2017.  The collection is a true and uncompromised reflection of her perspective and experiences. The inspiration for the collection is drawn equally from Absher's Iranian heritage and her Los Angeles roots. The push and pull of East and West have been a consistent theme throughout her life creatively and otherwise. Absher currently lives in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles with her husband and rambunctious baby boy, Leon.  

Yuko Nishikawa is a ceramic artist and an industrial designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in Japan she spent her summers in a ceramic studio in Sendai where her grandmother taught pottery. With extensive experience in craft and design,  Yuko taught herself how to throw on a wheel and formulate her own glaze recipe. Her selected artworks are sold exclusively at  Donghia showrooms. She works in collaboration with Calvin Klein Home for the Artisan Collection which is sold at Calvin Klein flagship store in New York City. She is an industrial designer who has created award-winning products for Donghia, Inc. Her work for Donghia includes a collection of lighting, tables, mirrors, and seating. Among them are: Origami Console Table, the winner of 2013 Best of Year Award; Renaldo Chandelier, the winner of 2014 Best of Year Award hosted by Interior Design Magazine. See more about Yuko on http://www.yukonishikawa.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/yuko_nishikawa/?hl=en

Eva Magill-Oliver is a multi-media artist currently living and working in Atlanta Ga. The natural world is an ever-present theme in her work and one that is also transitional based on the landscape that surrounds her. It inspires her color pallets, the way she creates patterns, as well as informing the organic shapes and silhouettes prevalent throughout her work. She had been working uniquely on paper over the past several years but has expanded her work to include oil/acrylic abstract paintings on canvas. The work is organic and playful and represents the continuously dynamic evolution that is the natural world.   

Nevia Pavletic is a visual artist born in Croatia in 1987 and currently working and living in the United States. Her creative process is very intuitive, as each work arises from the raw emotion of the present moment. Metaphysical themes, such as the passing of time, the cycles of birth and death, and the nature of consciousness, have greatly influenced her current body of work, giving it its dreamy, surreal-like appearance.

Rebeka Rácz lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She has been completely obsessed with clay for a couple of years now though only started to make ceramics seriously in the recent past while she was still doing her MA in Theory of Design. Coming from a strong theoretical background and living in the digital age, she has always felt an urge to make something with her bare hands. The birth of the objects are the result of an experimental process since Rebeka never studied ceramics and she is discovering it while creating the objects step by step. All of her creations have unprecedented novelties, something that she never tried before. Not knowing the main rules of the field she has to let accuracy and precision go and let randomness have a big role in the game. This is why there can't be two objects that are the same, even if she wanted so. These useable objects which are often not 'perfect' oblige their users to face and interact with them and use them with more consciousness and greater care. 

Com Raiz: Margarida was born in the north of Portugal where she lived until she has 18 years old. Then she moved to Lisbon where she studied Interior Design at ESAD- Escola Superior de Artes Decorativas until 2008. Despite that she left, very early, the place where she was born and raised, there was always a deep relationship with the roots and memories of her village, as well as the rhythms of nature and the rhythms of time. In 2012 she created the brand Com Raiz (meaning "with roots") with the aim to reconstruct memories, designs, techniques, forms, and concepts of forgotten Portuguese crafts by creating contemporary objects.  The products, therefore, have an artisanal flair and are directed to a public that values the aesthetics of tradition and handmade. Crafted by hand, it is important to note that each product carries the qualities of a unique piece. 

Marina Cecilie Roné born in Copenhagen, writer, visual artist and designer. She had her first book published 23 years old, a collection of short stories, which was nominated a number of literary prizes. Later in life, she added visual expressions to her sphere including paintings,  sculptures, art objects, collages, and monoprints. She has also worked as editor and columnist for Danish  Newspapers as well as being a member of Ethical Council that advises the government in Denmark.  "Art and the work of art is about bringing some elements into orbit. I am often interested in taking parts out of their expected context and putting them in another context so that the paradigm changes. It stuns me again and again. Also to see how aesthetics seems to bounce back like it had a universal point of balance that every one of us would share." Marina is puddling between Denmark and the Caribbean.

Laura Sebastianes was born in Córdoba, Spain, in 1990. She first studied Fine Arts, Design and later she received an MBA in Art’s Research and Production. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain, Switzerland and between, where she received several awards. Her work speaks mainly for the pursuit of spatial harmony, equilibrium, and serenity; through the process of creation, production and combination of diverse materials. This is an experimental process, reflected through a palette of different textures, which’s final destination and purpose is an inner calmness and tranquility. Laura is currently practicing traditional paper-making methods.

Pallavi Sen is most visible here, @superfeministgirl, documenting her work, food politics, gestures, movements, voice, and ecological interests via Instagram. She grew up in Bombay + New Delhi, and received her MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media at VCU in 2016. Her work has been exhibited and published widely and has received support from grants, and residencies such as Ox-Bow, Yale at Norfolk, Wormfarm Institute, Mildred's Lane, and the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild.Pallavi Sen is most visible here, @superfeministgirl, documenting her work, food politics, gestures, movements, voice, and ecological interests via Instagram. She grew up in Bombay + New Delhi, and received her MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media at VCU in 2016. Her work has been exhibited and published widely and has received support from grants, and residencies such as Ox-Bow, Yale at Norfolk, Wormfarm Institute, Mildred's Lane, and the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild.

Ann Syros was born and brought up in Bowral N.S.W Australia where the kangaroos and koalas live and thrive. During Art lessons at school at which she always excelled, she received First Prize in N.S.W for a portrait of her father. Ann later studied at U.C.L and she currently teaches English and translates books and journals from English to Greek and vice versa. Mother of two beautiful girls with completely different personalities, she always remembers herself painting - upholstering-sculpting and making objects out of almost nothing at night. She uses materials colors and trends she brings home after she travels to distant countries like Peru - China or cities like New York. She is always working on something new and since she has filled her own home and offered many gifts, she has decided to share and sell. 

Anna-Maria Vagianou is a Greek Artist - Designer, based in Athens. She was born in 1989. She moved to London in 2008 in order to attend a Foundation course in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins College. She then transferred to London College of Fashion where she graduated on July 2012. Anna-Maria has been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Upper Second Class Honours having followed an approved program of study in Fashion: Design and Technology specialized in Fashion Accessories. On 2014 she founded her company “ami.v” which is specialized in artistic creations.    

Alina Vergnano was born in Torino, Italy, in 1989.  In 2012 she graduated in Illustration at the European Institute of Design in Turin. In 2012 she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark where she started working as freelance illustrator and muralist. She is now based in Gothenburg, Sweden where she works as a multidisciplinary artist. Her media of choice is drawing, ceramic and painting.  She also works with murals, video and art books. She has participated in solo and group shows painted murals and realized video installations in national and international venues, galleries and festival in different countries as Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Taiwan, and India.