Caroline Denervaud

September 2017

Artist : Caroline Denervaud 



1. Who are you and what do you do?

Caroline Denervaud. I live in Paris with two children and a cat.
I try to keep on searching what can go out of my body and mind, through movement and painting.


2. Could a semi-intellectual audience appreciate your art?

Yes. They just need not ask too many questions. We’re all able to connect with an inner eye and let ourselves go to be surprised (hopefully).


3. In some of your Instagram videos, you dance and create art simultaneously. What does this combination of artistic expression signify to you?

It’s part of my researches. I create a « trace » (mark) that is the result of my feeling in a short time.


4. Which is the strength of your work, and which is the weakness? 

The strength is the road that’s opened in front of me, the freedom.
The weakness is to let people see and talk about it.


5.How do you feel about your studio? Is it your church? Your nest? Or your playground?

My studio is actually the place I live in. It’s a playground!


All the best, Caroline!