Catarina Bicker

February 2017

Artist: Catarina Bicker / MUFLA – Atelier de Cerâmica



1.Who are you and what do you do?

I'm enthusiastic Portuguese woman, born raised and based in Lisbon, lucky enough to do what I love, ceramics.



2. Does ceramic creation work as a form of meditation for you? Does it exterminate the bad days, and nurtures the good ones?

Definitely! Ceramics works as a balance for my life. I do not consider it as a job as it allows me to express my feelings and moods and that’s what makes each creation so special.



3.Why did you choose ceramics, and not painting, or jewelry creation? For what does specifically ceramic art stand for in your lives?

 As other forms of art, ceramic is an extension of you. You imagine and put in place what you want with a healthy twist of insanity, always trying to free creativity.



4.Have you ever been surprised by the initiatives that an unshaped piece of clay may take? Have you ever seen your creation changing completely to something absolutely different after having been baked in the kiln?

It’s not always that you manage to shape your ideas exactly how they are. Sometimes the process of shaping them may result in something different. However, repetition allows you to have the control.

Yes, it happens. But some of them actually end up going very well.



5.Why do you think ceramics has always had more women followers than men? Is the smoothness and delicacy of women hands that copes better with details?

 I don’t know, men just tend to choose other kinds of hobbies. But they are gaining interest in meet us at our workshops, and as the women, if you care about what you’re doing you can achieve the same results.


thank you, Catarina, my ceramic teacher <3!