Evgenia Perisorati

July 2017

Artist: Evgenia Perisorati



1.Please name a European city that inspires you.

The city I first studied art, Florina, a region on the Northest part of Greece. It's cold, foggy and cloudy weather combined with the picture of the old buildings create a unique atmosphere of a dull landscape frozen into time. Most of the art students were influenced by it. In my case, it ‘’forced’’ me to create more colorful artworks. It was my esoteric need in order to fulfill the gap between the pragmatic and the imaginary spaces of mine. As Th. Aggelopoulos said about his need to film many of his movies in Florina, the choice of place is like love, ‘’either you pick or you get picked’’.


2. Another female artist you admire?

Since I moved to Lisbon and get in touch with the African cultures and their post-colonised reality, I have found myself admiring the African contemporary female artists. Basically, because they question their society and their relationship with the western world. These artists (like Namsa Leuba, Jenevieve Aken or Wangechi Muru) inspired me to question mine and others female artistic identity in today’s art world.


3. Which is your best childhood memory?

When I was at the age when my only thought was ‘’let’s play at the beach!’’.


4. Do you see art everywhere, even in food?

Especially in food. All the stages of preparing and consuming a food have a uniqueness on it. It is a culture statement, a creative process where almost all the sensation is activated. Selecting the ingredients, harmonizing them during cooking, composing the dish, presenting it and consuming it, are the part of an artistic performance. Food is a metaphor for life, therefore, an ephemeral living sculpture.


5. How do you estimate the price of your artworks?

Economically speaking is very hard to do so because it is not just the time you spend for complete a painting, but also the whole process before that. The majority of people think that we (the artists) just grab a brush and move our arms randomly. But there are questions, thoughts, and problems that have to be answered and explained in our minds before we feel ready to express ourselves upon the canvas. In the end, I see it more practical and I’m thinking the art market and where my artwork can fit into it. So, I have a fixed cost for every square meter of painted canvas based on time, labor, cost material and my target group of audience.


Thank you very much, Evgenia !