Alejandra Smits







March 2017

Artist: Alejandra Smits  



1. In your bio you mention that you are a psychology researcher. Does art encourage your research? If yes, in which way?

 I’ve been studying psychology for a few years now - from both academic and experimental perspectives.Yes, art definitely encourages my research.

What I find most interesting about what I do is studying the psyche through any kind of human expression. That totally fascinates me. How we manage to translate our thoughts, emotions and traumas into a physical form.That's why I try to do as many things as I can. I mostly write but I also make films, dance,  paint, take photographs, and I even put on little shows for myself at home, just for fun.Trying all these disciplines have given me the opportunity to understand the connections between my thoughts and my actions better. 

I'm not saying anything new but, Art is so fertile and infinite... We should pay more attention to this kind of education.


2.There is much of nudity in your Instagram photos. How have you slipped through 'report’ ?

Well, I’ve received three or four messages from Instagram letting me know that one of my publications had been erased.

I’ve learned my lesson and now I cover the body parts they don’t allow in their platform.

But the problem doesn't come from Instagram. The problem lies in our society's beliefs regarding nudity and the predetermined differences between the female and the male bodies.


3. Could you please name a female artist who inspires you, and tell us why?

It is very hard to answer this with just one name. So I'll say I have a strong and weird connection with Alejandra Pizarnik. We share the same name, but she died twenty years before my birth. Yet, many times when reading her poems I've felt we were the same person. 

I also feel very deeply Louise Bourgeois' work.


4.Your are half Dutch, half Venezuelan. How did your parents meet?

My parents met in Caracas, Venezuela in 1992. My dad had some business in the Caribbean at that moment. He is a real Caribbean lover. 

My dad is from Eindhoven (Holland), my mom is from Venezuela and they fell in love right away. They decided to get married two months after meeting each other and my mom was already pregnant with me. I was born in May, 1993. One year after my birth they filed for divorce. So I’ve never seen them together as a couple. But I’ve inherited both their backgrounds so strongly that I can recognize them printed in my persona. I like to think that the fact that my parents are so opposite from each other makes me a more balanced person. 

I’m not sure about this, but I like to think it is true.


5. How would you describe a perfect Friday afternoon in 5 words?

I have two kinds of “a perfect Friday afternoon”:

The first one: Friends, wine, sunset, good conversation and the afternoon turning into night.

The second one: Home, Roman (my boyfriend), music, a nice home-cooked dinner and a good movie.


Thank you for your time, Alejandra!