November 2017

Artist: Luiny




1. Has any adolescence experience affected your later personality?

I grew up in a very religious environment.  My mom was super evangelical and fanatic when I was a kid.  I'm so happy that time changes everything and now she is more liberal and modern.  She is still religious, but cool.  She doesn't freak out anymore about my almost 50 tattoos, and she loves me the way I am... When I was younger, that strict, religious environment made me very insecure and afraid of everything.  My adolescence was very sheltered and so I was still very innocent during my early 20's. Then I moved to the city and started college. I learned different things and other points of view and so my vision of everything changed. History, philosophy, art and anthropology opened another dimension on my brain and I understood so many important things that are not spoken about in church... I had so many experiences, met new and different people, good and bad ones...  I feel it has made me be the brave, artistic, and independent woman I am today. In some way I'm at peace with all the mistakes I made when I was young and ignorant because they took me to where I am now: content, proud and confident. 


2. Which famous painting resembles you biggest love story, and why?

Everybody that follows me knows that I love Egon Schiele and his erotic, passionate paintings. But if I have to choose one piece of art, it would be "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. I always knew about that painting but it was not until a few months ago that I fell in love with a person that made me feel loved and accepted, that I felt the resemblance...  the way they are holding each other, the way he is kissing her... is like they are saving themselves from all the bad love experiences. Her face seems peaceful. And then the colors surrounding them, you can see and feel the vibration! Just the same feeling when you realize that is real, mutual love. 


3.Are you a feminist?

I believe in the power of woman and the importance of being one.
I believe that men and women are equal (though not necessarily the same), and should be entitled to equal rights, equal treatment, and equal opportunity.


4.Do you believe in female unity?

I believe in it and I also believe in the unity between men and women. Unity is strength. Teamwork and collaborations will make possible great things. I am for women supporting each other instead of competing. Sadly, there's a lot of competition and division between females. It happens to me, but I believe we should empower each other not hate each other. We should respect and accept our differences. I also believe that gender should not be the reason for any type of separation, division or hate. 

5.Where do you stand on feminist and racial issues?

We should all be treated equally.  We are human beings living on this crazy planet together. It is not about gender or colors or status! It's already time to start accepting and loving each other in all the ways possibles. It is painful t to see that there's still racism and hate based on cultural ignorance. It is shameful. 


Luiny Rivera, you are one hell of a woman! <3