Pallavi Sen

May 2017

Artist: @superfeministgirl 


1.Your Instagram name is Super Feminist Girl. Wasn't just 'feminist' representing you enough?

One day I was listening to an episode of This American Life, and it was about a very young girl who called herself Super Business Girl - and she had a whole song to go with it - and I became obsessed and started saying it over and over and somehow it became Super Feminist Girl (with an echo of girl girl girl girl) and though I'm not a girl anymore, it sounds right as a term.


2. There is a lot of color in your art, in your photos. What about your life, which shade of color does represent mostly your life?

I have tried, and been unable to attribute any emotional value to colours - when I was younger I would wear a lot of dark clothing, and then more recently, I've begun adopting brighter textiles ... but I don't think a colour can be another thing or that two people can feel the same way about it - so maybe I can tell you about a colour I adore right now. It would be a very very indigo blue, the type we see in the sky at dusk.


3. You have shaved your head. How does this experiment (or experience) of 'rejecting' in a way your femininity feel like? 

I've been shaving my head a couple times a year since I was 21. At first, it was an experiment, just to confirm to myself that I could still be who I am, be attractive to the boys I liked (and this is not at all true all time) even if I stopped looking like a conventional image of a woman. But now it's just my hairstyle, and I don't think very much about it. In fact, I think it would surprise all my friends if I grew it out.

When I first shaved it, I was a little nervous but felt completely freed too - it also brought me closer to a core understanding of being a woman, and what it was outside of the decorative aspects of style. The thing that made me most nervous was being at home, in Bombay, with my head shaved, which I had never done until this winter. And I'm embarrassed about how ignorant I was to people's acceptance of differences - I thought it would be so hard and that everyone would make fun of me, and none of that happened. In fact, a man who runs a bakery I visit shook my hand on my decision!


4. If you were standing in the line of an ice-cream shop and someone said to you that they were next, even if clearly they were not. Would you argue? Roll your eyes? Let it go? 

I think I would roll my eyes and let it go, and probably never be their friend.


5. Which is your real name?

Pallavi Sen.


Thanks a lot for the time and inspiration, @superfeministgirl!